Yep, that's what I had today!  Paul & I decided to take a nice ride just a little over 20 miles from our home to an area that has become known to locals as Fruit Lane.  The name comes from the fact that the area is filled with fruit trees of many varieties, so there are many farmers that sell the ripe fruit in season and today it was cherries!  Yum!  One farmer also has an early variety of peaches that are ripe now, but he had ran out of today's picking just before we arrived, but that's OK because I'll just wait for our peach tree to ripen, but I was so happy to get some fresh picked cherries as it brings back a happy memory of my childhood.  You see for about 6 years we lived in a home that had a fruit orchard which mostly consisted of cherry trees and to supplement the family income we used to pick and sell the cherries, at least the ones that didn't get popped into our mouth!  Wink!  Today we were also able to pick up a few fresh ears of corn which we will eat tomorrow.  This makes me excited for our corn to ripen!  PATIENCE, Barbara, PATIENCE!  as all thing good come available "in season!"  Pun intended!  This evening I did a Fitera workout alone because as we entered our subdivision after our ride my sweet hubby noticed a new neighbor up the street working alone to cut up a fresh cut tree.  He wasn't about to ignore the possibility to help someone out because that's the kind of fellow he is.  He was helping out for three straight hours, so I just exercised while he was gone as I knew he was getting a good workout by doing what he was doing!  Have a great Sunday!