Sunday was the end of last week's "Tis the season" challenge and today begins the water challenge!  My report on last week's challenge is that I have been really enjoying the "in season" veggies from our garden all week long.  Sunday I had more zucchini and cucumbers from the garden & thoroughly enjoyed the cherries we picked up yesterday!  Sunday after partaking of the Sacrament and doing some study, I decided I wanted to see a high school friend who has lived in a care center for 6 years & is now home living with a couple of siblings.  The only place she goes is to a doctor visit when needed and I thought she might enjoy getting out of the house a bit, so I decided I'd help her get out of the house for a while and I asked Paul if he would take us and to my delight he said yes & she was excited to go for a ride.  We all wore masks, and I told her to tell us when she wanted to go home and her response was "That could be a long time!"  So bottom line is that we took her on a 2 hour drive!  After we dropped her off at her  home on our way home Paul & I talked about how good it feels to give someone a "lift" by doing such a simple little thing.  This week's water challenge is perfect for me because the temperature here in Utah hit 105 degrees!  Happy water cheers to all!