Hi everyone, I have reading all of my friends blogs, lovely to get back in touch, I am my own worst enemy, for not gettting on site on a daily basis, but it is a bit difficult especially as I have to help Clive out at times, as well as being mindful of Roy working from home at the moment.  This week he is working from the office, so you may say, no excuse but I will try and get on more frequently.  I love reading JudyC's blogs as she reminds me of how I used to be.  When Amber was nearer to home, like living with us, we did so much for her and we thought nothing of it. Unlike QtBarbs family, who respect and appreciate their parents and grandparents, we don't have the same privelage.  Amber is still working in Hitchin [where we live] but for how much longer, I don't know as she now has had a name change,  I don't suppose it was her idea at all, as I reckon, the Ex son-in law is so controlling, as she is living in the womanfriends rented home with her daughter and grandaughter and her the womanfriends son.  It is all illegal, and we have the Social Services looking into it.  The only problem is, is that they haven't started looking into it.  Apparently they have a backlog of cases to review, so I am not holding my breath on this.  He has phoned Alex's School and told them she won't be going back there in September.  The School contacted my daughter and informed her of this.  Otherwise she wouldn't know anything of his plans for the kids. He never communicates with Helen, as he likes walking all over her.  Anyway that is it in a nutshell.  We do pray for these kids as they have been railroaded into thinking Helen is the Rogue.  Not at all. 

Thank you QtBarb, your blog is so action packed as all your blogs are, no wonder you don't always have the time for yourself.  When you do, you do it well, and always push yourself.  Maybe I ought to take a leaf out of your blog [smile] and push myself a bit more.  Perhaps writing to Amber herself may be a start.  Yes I agree with you any communication would be intercepted and probable kept away from them or worse still torn up by HIM.  He is a really nasty kettle of fish, a saying we often use.  I really thought Amber being the eldest had more spunk inside her.  She seems to have had all her strength taken from her, in order to live an independant life, as he wants to see the colour of her hard earned money.  I think he has ruined her life already.  She dosen't seem to have any soul.  After School, when they lived here with us, Amber used to come to me in the Kitchen and talk to me telling me how her day went which was lovely, but all this has been taken away from us. Helen is the person who I really feel for, as she is the mother of all three kids, and HE has just stepped in and pinched them from her because of her kind personality, so he has just taken advantage of her.  Her confidence is being pulled from her, so I and hubby Cive are always telling her how proud of her we are, hopefully to give her a boost.  Now to go onto my next blog.