Hi everyone, I am still eating healthily, though sometimes I fall off the wagon so to speak.  I do still have my salads just like JudyC does, and I dare say loads of others do.  I do enjoy what we say Pak Choy.  I prefer it raw as it has such a delicate flavour which makes it so versatile.  At times I have salad sandwiches, using Weight Watchers bread which is so much lighter and smaller slices in size. My problem is that in the Winter, we do eat more wintery, hot foods which are more fillihg and fattening which is why everything is so much more difficult to keep tabs on my weight.  Our swimming pool opened out last friday, and I haven't been to see them to see how they are working it with social distancing.  I really have to go and see them about it.  There are some areas in this country which Covid 19 has returned, so they have been in lockdown locally, not nationally.  Where we are,we have been more sensible with our lives, so we have kept it away.  So far that is.  Our local Hospital is Covid free, I have recently been there for a blood test in respect of my Calcium levels.  Obviously we all have to wear masks, this time when I went, they were handing out face masks for those without.  Not taking temperatures, I noticed, I think they should, as they can't be too careful.  On our breakfast news, they had an item on two different quick methods of testing for Covid which they give 90minute results.  Two different companies doing the same thing really.  Everyone over here are hoping they are going to be reliable, as they are so new.

Oh yes, JudyC did ask me if I liked Greek Style Yogurt, I do like it Judy, but  I sometimes put it in the fridge and forget about i t and it gets thrown out sometimes which I get anoyed with myself about.  The font has changed, but I have forgotten the formula to change it back.  It is an acquired taste I agree, but sometimes I use it more than other times.  Anyway, I must close now as it is getting late midnight now, so I send my love, hugs and prayers to you all.  Oh yes just before I go, yes, QtBarb I do see your lovely smiles from over the water.  Luv ya!! Bye for now everybody.