What great timing for this challenge for me as the temperature hit 100 degrees again today and keeping well hydrated is so important!  I have a quart mug with a straw that I was given while in the hospital years ago, and I filled it up 4 times today & drank all but about 1 cup of it so I drank well over the suggested minimum of 100 ounces for the challenge!  This evening we did a Fitera workout and I added 20 second HIIT during the minute cardios because earlier today I had a thin slice of fresh made zucchini btead and I thought I'd better add a bit to my workout to offset the extra calories from the bread.  We made 6 loaves of a Zucchini bread that has along with the flour, sugar, eggs spices, and vanilla & Zucchini, it also has crushed unsweetened pineapple, raisens and chopped pecans in it.  It has become a favorite zucchini bread recipe of our family,  so when I make some, I always make a double batch!  Then we freeze whatever we don't give away so when we go to visit family or friends we have a small "gift" for them.  Have a pleasant Tues. everyone!