I managed to get the Covid a couple of weeks ago. I'm doing well, had mild symptoms: low grade fever, fatigue, headache, body aches, but only lasted for about 3 days. The next several days of quarantine were tough. We have a few cases at school, but thankfully, it's a manageable number for now. 

It is beginning to look autumn-y around here. Cooler temps, and leaves are beginning to change color and drop. That means that my outdoor bike riding days will soon be over. It's quite breezy out today, so it will be a short bike ride, or maybe a walk instead. 

School is going well overall. We are having school, but about 10% of my families are doing the virtual learning option. We've all settled in and adjusted to all the changes we've had to make this year. 

I am still working towards my weight loss goal--ever so slowly. I'm within 4 lbs of what I set for a goal last Feb. I'm working at turtle speed, but I'm not putting it back on, so slowly works for me. 

And, I've decided to stop coloring my hair and go completely gray. It'll take some time, but I'm almost 60; I've earned the right to become gray. My two oldest are both showing quite a bit of gray iat the ripe old ages of 34 and 32. I didn't start coloring my hair til I was almost 40, but I think 20 years is enough! 

Watch your sodium intake this week and enjoy these late summer/early autumn days. If you are impacted by the fires out west, please stay safe.