I am back from the Yellowstone Park area (the world's first National Park) where we went to visit two of our sons & their families and we took lots of veggies and some peaches to them.  We had a wonderful time and our families treated us and fed us well!  Unfortunately the scales tell the story, but no matter, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I'm back and mostly eating on plan and exercising every day but Sundays!  Today for exercise Paul & I went over to a neighbor's home and helped her clean up the damage that had been done last week.  You see, while we were gone to Yellowstone, the area had high winds between 86 & 100 MPH and it did lots of damage here in Utah.  Our home escaped any damage, but we drove around our neighborhood when we arrived home to find an uprooted tree on the corner of a house, several trees were down, some lost shingles from their roofs, but most of the clean up in our area was cleaning up tons of broken tree branches.  This was the situation for our neighbor.  We raked up and threw away enough debris to fill a large garbage can and at least 8 extra large black plastic garbage bags.  After the cleanup Paul & I delivered the debris to the dump and emptied all the bags in the green waste area and threw away the plastic bags.  For this weeks challenge to lower my salt intake today I put very little salt in the garden fresh green beans I cooked, and I ate some yummy fresh picked corn without any butter or salt on it and both were delicious!  Hope you're all well.  Have a great "Low salt" day tomorrow!