Last week was busy but a  good one.  This week we will be making two 3&1/2 hour each way trips to spend time with our three families who live east of us.  We will be attending a couple of soccor games, going to the temple with one of our older grandsons, and will be attending church on Sunday to hear our grandson talk in church before going on a church mission.  He has received a call to serve in the Scotland-Ireland Mission and he was suppose to receive his training in England.  However, because of Covid he will be receiving his training on the internet instead of going to England.  After his training he will leave to go to Scotland unless Covid restrictions prevent him from going.  If so, he will be reassigned to a different area.  We hope he gets to go to Scotland because that's where some of his (our) ancestors are from!  It's going to be a good week to practice this weeks posture challenge with no less than 14 hours on the road!  I'll do my best!  BTW, I noticed as I read Kristen's blog that I was not the only one who could not get connected to the new features because of the inability to enter my true birth year.  When I tried, the year would only go back as far as 1960.  Now friends, while I wouldn't mind that being my birth year (SmiIe), I have to be honest and need to enter 1949!