almost 1 am.  The week has been crazy and I have been MIA for the most part. 

My mom fell and was in the hospital in Boise and is now in skilled nursing for rehab in Meridian. When they moved her there today she told my sister she just wanted to stay there, she didn't want to come home. She felt like they are so busy and they need times to themselve and to get done what they have to do. Then they called from rehab and told my sister our mom was saying it is too hard for me to walk to the bathroom any more or clean myself. I just want to stay here. I like it and I just want to read my books.  I don't know if someone said something to her at the hospital to make her feel this way. With the covid closeures to family you don't know what is said or what goes on. We are both feeling very sad but I told my sister lets surround her with love and give her a couple days for this to even out and see how she is. I think she is depressed and we all know how hard it is having someone in care of any kind and not being able to go to them and encourage them in person. 

Richard's nurse believe he will pass tonight. He was taken off life support last night. 

Papers were signed yesterday and our house is sold. Now we are awaiting the appraiser and inspections. In 3 weeks we plan to be in Boise and then about a week after that we will be driving a moving truck back to CA to load our stuff and take it to Idaho.  So much to do there, find a place to buy that we both like. Wanting prayers from anyone who prays that we find the house that is just for us. Thank you.