Hi everyone, it is 11.50pm here, getting late as usual.  Good to be here though hearing about what is happening with my friends.  Judy, I saw Helen this morning, and we had a good chat in her  flat, I think she felt it easier to talk on her own turf, so to speak.  She said that she was talking to the Solicitors who are also Social workers combining both jobs.  The lady said that she wanted to speak with the father of Alex presumably to arrange a meeting with Alex as she is the child this is al about.  Well, I wonder what she felt when she was told by Helen that he had changed his phone number so was un contactable.  She must have took a dim view of that, so Helen said she may need to physically go there for this initial interview.  He is hanging himself, but I don't think he realises it, he is so thick.  He thinks he is above the Law, no-body is above the law.  These people are called Cafcass, who act on behalf of the children, in conjuction with the Law Courts, so the time is closing in on him.  I really hope they tare him to pieces and order the kids to go back to their mum.  Thank you so much Judy for thinking about us, and hope you could pray for Helen in particular, she mst feel as though her whole life has been ripped apart from her as I think you may agree.  Without being conceited, I feel Helen is so lucky to have us for support, as she must be feeling she needs us.  Helen never opens up as she always says that she is a private person.  This I believe is where she goes wrong with her relationships, as you have to talk everything through with our partners.  It is now 16mins past midnight.  I am swimming again today thursday at 12pm mid day.  I do appreciate it I must admit as it never gets too busy as they restrict the nubers to 40 people every 45 minutes so we can swim without bumping into people.  

I daren't weigh myself at the moment, as my diet is a bit awry.  I am doing my best to be as active as possible, I didn't just go round to Helens to talk, bt to help her to do a few jobs as well so keeping a bit active where that was concerned.  On tuesday evening Helen came round to us which is quite usual, but when she went to go home to her flat, she said she wanted to walk as it was still warm we all walked together, so we all walked together, which was about ten minutes each way, so better than nothing.  Clive has been making me omlette and bacon rolls for breakfast even though I prefer to have cereals with skimmed milk.  Today Roy is working at his Companies office, so hopefully, I can have my usual breakfast.  My prayers are with Richard and his wife, but also Judy and her hubby and mustn't forget her mom.  Take care my friend will speak again soon.  I hope the house move goes smoothly for you all and that you get a house as good as your old one if not better.  Love hugs and prayers to you.