With intermittent fasting being so popular these days, and even if that is not your interest, this week's challenge is all about trying to wrap up you food intake by 8pm.  

Anyone reading this has almost certainly heard this common fallacy: “If you eat after 8, you’re bound to gain weight.” 

First of all, we know that our metabolism works around the clock. However, your metabolism is not nearly as active in the wee hours of the night so many people still stick to this idea. 

While you’re not doomed to gain weight if you find yourself eating after 8 pm, it’s a good idea to give your body a break. The thing is, most people hit their daily caloric intake requirements by dinner, so having a set time to stop eating might stop you from consuming more than you should. 

So your challenge this week is to stop consuming food no later than 8 PM. 

In a perfect world, you can eat your calories whenever you like with zero consequences. In practice, it’s complicated. So this week, aim to get all your meals in before 8 pm and then focus on hydration, and prioritize a good night's sleep. 

Let us know what you think of this weeks challenge, and how you plan to tackle it! 

~Coach Pam