Happy Weekend!  For this week's challenge we are going to stay within the perimeters of nutrition.  With the Holidays and all that accompanies them quickly approaching, I thought this would be a good time to put some 'balance' into practice, specifically with alcohol.

You can eat all the right foods and work out until you’re blue in the face and still have a difficult time losing fat if you’re not careful with alcohol consumption.

At 7 calories per gram, even a couple of drinks can set you back as much as 300-500 calories or more, making your caloric deficit very challenging to achieve.When you consume alcohol at the same time as food, your body tends to burn the alcohol first, sparing the fat. So the more alcohol you consume, the more likely your food will be stored as fat. Alcohol doesn’t just make you hungrier, it lowers their inhibitions, so you’re  more likely to binge or make unwise food choices. The more you drink, the less you care about what you are eating and how it might be sabotaging your progress.

So this week your challenge is to cut back your alcohol consumption by at least 40%. If you don’t consume alcohol regularly, or at all, this is a wonderful opportunity to take a harder look at the beverages you are consuming and evaluate their role in your health. 

Let us know how you’ll be handling this weeks challenge in the blogs! 

~Coach Pam