Hi Guys where would I go to lose 7 pounds in a week like the promo said? What steps do I need to take to lose the MOST weight I gained 8 pounds during the shut in and I just can't seem to keep it off since I go to the gym but I can't swim and even though I am buring 500 calorries at the gym 2-3 times a week, I seem to be STUCK!  I have already lost 55 pounds by myself, 20 pounds a summer but since that wasnt' possible this year I have been very DISCOURAGED and have no motivation at all. I do eat very HEALTHY fruits and vegs and fish, chicken and some LEAN steak but have had 7 knee surgiers in 9 years so its been a struggle to lose the weight but I keep going but now I feel like I can't eat hardly ANYTHING like I used to because I would burn an extra 600 calories swimming 10-15 laps and my body says eat but my scale is NOT going DOWN!  I did a 3 week of fruit and vegs and lost 5 pds so how am I going to lose 10 pds in a week, thank you all for your help be blessed and Shalom