Hi everybody, just a quickie, We are still wating Court hearing responses, it is dragging on which is rather draining and what we have heard from Helen's ex is disgusting, I will let JudyC know and she can share with you Barb.  Swimming stops for the month now today 4th Nov., as we are going on another lockdown so I have to re stucture my fitness regime.  I will be going back to the fitness videos, as well as Leslie Sansones videos as I do find them paticularly beneficial as well as Fitera videos which I haven't done or a while now.  We have 45 mins in the pool and today is the very last time then thursday is the very last, sorry I made a mistake earlier.  I did find it took up  alot of time though.

It is good to be back at long last, so hope to catch up with you all and Barb, as well as JudyC.  Barb, ou must be very careful when getting up from seating positions at times, my sister did that about 3 years ago, and she broke her wrist, and due to her holdig a glass in the same hand, yes, she cut her hand badly as well.  I know we are all doing our fitness regimes, weirdly, our sense of balance is sometimes compromised which is a nuicanse, take care won't you, I am a bit like you at times, falling unexpectedly.

It is good to have you as a friend as well as JudyC love and best wishes to you both.