Its funny how easily we get comfortable with a little weight lose. It doesn't take much to feel better physically and emotionally, even spiritually.

There is so much to celebrate with our successes in weight lose that it is easy to slow down and get comfortable. That being said... time to get more weight off. I started needed to lose 110 lbs. I did very well for many months dropped 27 lbs and didn't really have to do anything special to maintain because my habits had changed.

When I got to the point that I again found myself unhappy with myself for many reasons, I had to buck up. So once again I dove in and dropped another 26 lbs and felt much better. If you do the math you can see I am only half way to my goal. The interesting thing is the 4 months I worked hard to lose it seemed so significant and the year that I drifted through seemed to just fly by. I believe the significant thing for me to realize, is that the time i invest in myself with purpose seems to be time that i a m most active and make the most memories with friends and family. It should be enough to keep us on track but it feels sooooo good to get comfortable.


Time to get busy.