Oh boy it's been some kind of year

Adjusting to home office relocation

And not seeing coworkers day to day

An imposed long term staycation


I took a several months jaunt to NOOM

And about it some good things I'll say

 But long term it got a little weird

I had to go my separate way


This community has always been exceptional

And the coaches more genuine than most

They offer experience, support and results

Of their successes they can rightly boast


I admit that I lost some pounds

and for the first time I cook not just bake

And the tracking is deinitely an essential

Though for a long time that road I wouldn't take


Community is more necessary now than ever

This one especially I would so designate

Because there is a level of support and focus

That discourages the screechy and irate


People will come and go

When I first started I saw some returning

They could have been gone several years

But for this program there was a yearning


Similarly for me I have to say

That my results were not impressive

But that was never FitEra's fault

I was less committed and more expressive


Well now I've shed quite a few pounds

Around 30 with 20 to go

I treated this homebound exile as a fat farm

My progress was neither fast nor slow


It's no secret this balance that's necessary

Carbs, protein, fats, movement and rest

It's the emotional hills and valleys we're battling

A refusal to join the perpetually depressed


Like so many prodigals who left

I thought I needed to reinvent the wheel

But the same challenges popped up elsewhere

Either I keep roaming or I get real


Show up and be honest in self-assessment

We need accountability so track each day

And there are years of experience in this community

Listen well to what others say