Hi everyone, hope you are all well and haven't been caught out with this awful Covid 19, Clive [hubby] and I have been shielding all year since last March even though we have had to go out to get shopping in and all essentials.  We are on another lockdown but with a difference.  We have got the vaccinations starting to roll out, so we are hoping to get ours done by the end of February.  If before it will be a bonus.  I will be 70 at end of January, so hope to get it done same time as Clive.  It seems really strange talking about vaccinations as being a big thing, but it is!!!  Alot of good has come out of this as well as the bad.  The main thing is that our son is working from home which is great as we see alot of him.  Our daughter also works from home but from her own flat.  We haveseen her moe often being alone without her family.    They have been seconded by their "father" not a very god infuence at all.  He has an equally evil woman shacked up with him.  I feel later on when she has got what she wants, the kids will be pulled over to herself and "father" kicked out.  I can just see it happenning."Shame" Not.  Helen isn't holding out much hope now for any reunion any time soon.

We saw Helen over Christmas, she decorated her flat lovely with Christma decorations, and she made us a gorgeous Christmas meal and a snack in the evening as we all ate to much, so the snack was just right, and balanced it out.  No Alchohol as we can't have it with  our medication.  Don't need it ayway.!

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