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Join Fitera PLUS to Accelerate Your Results & Guarantee your success - COMING SOON!

Soon, we’ll be offering a new "FITera PLUS" level of the FITera community site that offers some really cool new features and enhanced tools to make achieving your weight loss goals so much faster and easier! Here are just 10 of the new features you can look forward to, if you upgrade to FITera PLUS… (we’ll let you know when it’s ready!)...

FITera PLUS has some very cool new features and enhanced tools that make achieving your weight loss goals so much faster and easier! Here are just 10 of the new features that make up the FITera PLUS...

1. Enhanced Meal Planner
This will save you so much time and stress. It becomes much easier to plan – so you can eat the foods you love, stick to your plan, and achieve your goals, guaranteed.

As you add recipes to the Meal Planner, you'll be building a file of your favorites, easy to access and repeat. Your custom recipes are designed around your goals and personal preferences, including portion sizes that are right for YOU. All your critical details are incorporated ‐ every time. Heck, it even makes...

2. Custom Grocery Lists
You can get a custom grocery list for every recipe you choose ‐ print it out or send it to your phone for easy access. You can track each of your meals, including nutrition details. All at your fingertips, whenever you need it, wherever you are.

3. Instant Access to All 101 Delicious, Fat-Burning Recipes in our Popular Cookbook, APPETITE
You'll discover exactly how to strategically modify your favorites so they actually help you burn fat, such as: Pizza, Burgers, Fries, Lasagna, Nachos, Cake, Cookies, Ice cream...and a bunch of other delightful comfort foods.

Every recipe is delicious, easy to make, inexpensive, and actually GOOD for you. It makes achieving your goals so, SOOOO MUCH EASIER.

4. Recipe Finder Tool
Looking for a recipe high in protein and/or low in sugar? How about a recipe that's diabetes-friendly, vegan or gluten-free? Maybe you need a recipe you can prepare in 10 minutes or less...

You simply click a few boxes to find the recipes you want ‐ right then. Recipes tailored to your preferences. Within seconds, you have a delicious, healthy recipe that works for YOU. And best of all, you can even save your favorite recipes for easy access later!

5. NEW Delicious, Fat-Burning Recipes Every Week
Every week, we publish new recipes ‐ exclusively for "Plus" Members ‐ tested, proven recipes that taste great, burn fat and help you reach your goals, quickly and deliciously.

6. We'll Custom-Create Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Recipes
Have a favorite meal or one your family loves, but you don't prepare it because it's not good for you? FITera PLUS members can request an alternative healthy version of any recipe... doesn't matter what it is.

Take your favorite, most fattening, sugar-packed meal, snack, or dessert, and we'll transform it into one that follows our program perfectly to help you lose weight, rather than totally sabotage your progress, and your health.

7. Done-for-You Meal Templates for an Entire Day or Week
Each template automatically combines the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts ‐ specifically for you (based on your gender, weight, age, and other particulars). And, it's easy to choose one meal, a whole day's worth, or a week at a time.

It's all easily customized to everything about you, including everything you need to achieve your goals. That means it's a realistic plan you can enjoy for the rest of your life ‐ without feeling deprived!

8. Favorite Recipes of our Amazing Success
We have thousands of amazing stories of men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes, who have achieved remarkable results with our program. Now, you can model their success with access to the same delicious meals they enjoyed to transform their bodies and totally change their lives. It's a great feature of the meal planning templates.

9. Full, Unlimited Access to Our Workout Video Library
This goes way beyond the weekly videos provided at the free level of membership. In fact, you can search hundreds of workout videos and set parameters to meet your particular needs.

For example, got a knee problem? We have beginner level videos you can follow ‐ at home, that are 15 minutes or less, that can relieve your knee pain. You can sort videos by instructor or exercise type. Want to build strength? Want to work on your core, or tone your arms and legs? We have videos that address your needs.

It's so much easier (and more fun) to exercise when you can mix it up and find something you actually enjoy! For that reason, we've included a variety of different ways to workout, including: beginner "just getting started" workouts, yoga and pilates workouts, dumbbells-only workouts, and many more.

Find the perfect video for you, press play on your favorite device and follow along ‐ in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home, and achieve the results you're after.

10. Stand out from the Crowd
With your FITera PLUS membership, you'll get a new flashy gold border on all of your community activity to show everyone your PLUS status! Lots of additional customization for your account will come soon as well, including changing colors, badges, and more - to show just how committed you really are!