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Weekly Challenge

Your Next Weekly Challenge!

This week we’re taking on a different kind of health challenge - improving our heart health. Not to worry, we’re not challenging you to more cardio.  This week your challenge is to practice an attitude of gratitude, and pass it on.  Take care of a chore your spouse usually handles, pay for the person behind you in the dr...
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The 25-Lb Fat Loss Challenge

Need motivation to lose fat and get fit for the vacation of a lifetime? Then this fat-loss challenge is for you!

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Featured Success Story

Client Of The Month!

If you’ve been around the blogs, you’ve no doubt seen Lisa (aka lisa1129) comment, post, and share! Lisa has been a part of our community for a LONG time - almost a decade! Here’s her story:  I joined FITERA (back when it was FASTTRACK) Nov. 30, 2010. It was the day after m ...
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