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Weekly Challenge

Your Next Weekly Challenge!

Most of us wake up in the morning, or finish up work for the day, shake off the cobwebs and move on to the next thing. Admit it, you’re probably not stretching before you do. So, this week's challenge is all about S T R E T C H I N G.  When our bodies don’t move for long periods of time due to sleeping, working, or traveling...
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The 25-Lb Fat Loss Challenge

Need motivation to lose fat and get fit for the vacation of a lifetime? Then this fat-loss challenge is for you!

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Featured Success Story

Client Of The Month!

It’s time for another client spotlight! This month we’re celebrating Kathleen (aka hollandhome). Kathleen started her journey with FITera back in November of 2018. Starting off at 168 pounds, her original goal was 145 (5 pounds less than what her doctor recommended). She began steadily l ...
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