Most people are guilty of being a creature of habit when it comes to exercise. Do you follow the same ol' routine, the same workout video, the same elliptical machine or jogging route? A routine of consistent exercise is great, but it's very important that you vary your workouts.

So your challenge this week is to try a new workout and/or vary your routine each time you exercise this week!

There are more ways to vary your routine than you can probably imagine. If you're used to running on a treadmill, try running outside ... or include walking steep hills ... or go to a track and walk/jog the bleachers after each lap. Not only will you enjoy a change of scenery, you’ll challenge your body in a new and different way that can enhance your level of fitness.

If you’ve been lifting weights, try new exercises, change the order of muscle groups trained, or use new techniques like "supersets" or "breakdowns". You can even benefit by doing a different number of repetitions than you normally do. Any type of change can help "shock" your muscles into new levels of growth and improvement.

Here are 3 key benefits to switching up your exercise routine:

1. Beat Workout Boredom

If you’ve been dreading your workout recently or find yourself counting down the seconds until it’s over, it’s probably time to try something new and exciting. Take a kickboxing or spinning class or schedule a time to play racquetball with a friend. Instead of jogging at your normal pace, add some 20-second sprint intervals.

2. Break Through a Plateau

When you do the same routine over and over, your body becomes so efficient that eventually you'll burn fewer calories. Challenge your body in a way that it’s not used to so you'll have to work harder as it adjusts to the new activity.

3. Prevent Injuries

When you do the same physical activity over and over you can get what’s called a “repetitive strain injury”. By trying something new, you give overused joints, ligaments, and muscles an opportunity to rest and recover before putting them to use again.

Trying different workouts are great because they’re new and exciting and especially because they “shock” your muscles to new levels of results, while preventing plateaus. 

Let us know what you’re planning to switch up or try this week!

Prize Details

In addition to learning new healthy lifestyle skills, by completing this Weekly Challenge you’ll also receive 1,000 FITera points! Be sure to blog about this challenge and keep us updated on your progress. At the end of each week, please email us at with how you did on the challenge, as well as your FITera username.

Rules & Regulations

Keep us updated on how you’re doing with the weekly challenge by posting blogs on FITera with your progress, questions, or any tips, obstacles, or experiences you’d like to share. There is no minimum number of blogs required, but the more you post, the more support, encouragement, and accountability you’ll receive from others.

Just as you’ll receive support from others, please offer the same kind of feedback and encouragement to your peers. As you’ll soon discover, the more you give, the more you’ll receive.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Every Monday we'll announce the details of the upcoming week's challenge. Each challenge goes from Monday to Sunday.

COMPLETING YOUR CHALLENGE: At the end of each week (Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday morning), please post a blog on how you did with your challenge for the week, such as what you learned, obstacles you overcame, and your plans for continuing this new healthy habit long-term.