This weeks challenge is all about Fiber. Fiber is critical to fat loss in several ways:

  • High fiber foods have fewer calories relative to the total weight of the food.

  • Fiber contains only 1.5 to 2.5 calories per gram, while other carbs contain 4 calories per gram (fat contains 9 calories per gram). Essentially, you can pile your plate with plenty of high-fiber foods without worrying about caloric-overload.

  • High-fiber foods are more filling. Fiber is absorbed by our bodies more slowly than other foods, which means we feel full longer.

  • Fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels. This makes the energy we get from eating last longer and helps prevents various cravings.

If those aren’t enough reasons to add more fiber to your diet - did you know that a high-fiber diet—meaning at least 35 grams per day—is really good at kicking your metabolism into high gear.

So today, we’re giving you some key strategies to make sure that you’re getting plenty.


Add Fiber To Every Meal

When most people think of fiber they either think of pasta or vegetables. But getting more fiber in your breakfast could truly be the key to a diet that’s higher in fiber than ever before. Sure, high fiber cereals are one option but don’t skip over fiber-packed figs, chia seeds (which can be added to just about anything), and of course oats.

Invest In A Spiralizer

Vegetables are wonderful, and they’re wonderful for you. But eating them the same old way gets well, old. So try incorporating your favorite veggies in new ways! Enter, the spiralizer. For fiber packed, weeknight pasta replacement, use zucchini, carrots, or parsnips (AKA zoodles, coodles and poodles)!

Beans, Beans, The Magical “Fruit”

Beans are chock full of protein and fiber, and other important vitamins and minerals that nourish your body. Unfortunately, some people choose to avoid this healthful food because they fear intestinal gas or flatulence. But beans are not a food to be avoided! Beans are filled with fiber -- just ½ cup of Kidney beans contains 8 grams!

And, concerning the uh, tooting…

According to a 2011 study, researchers found that the more often you eat beans, the less often you’ll experience GI discomfort!

So there you have it. Fiber is the key ingredient to sustaining healthy eating habits long-term and feeling full, satisfied.

How are you incorporating more fiber into your diet?