Our electronic devices have become such a huge part of our lives that it can be hard to put them down. Most of us are never more than a foot away from our devices at any given time. But technology is wreaking havoc on our sleep and it’s time to change our relationship with it.

Your challenge this week is to stop electronic device use at least one hour prior to bedtime every night. For an extra challenge, go for two hours! 

Most people go to bed with their phone, tablet, or even the TV to keep them company, answer some last minute emails, or even wrap their head around the day tomorrow. Unfortunately, this behavior is leading to long, restless nights, and not enough restful sleep.

According to a 2014 survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 95 percent of people report using some sort of electronic device within an hour of bedtime, and nearly three-quarters of parents report that their children sleep with at least one electronic device.

A high concentration of blue light, and an increase in anxiety and cortisol levels are all common side effects of using technology too close to bedtime.

So this week, let’s see if you’re up to the challenge -- put your devices to bed early and give yourself permission to relax, unwind, and step away from your gadget(s). Because you know what’s more important than your Facebook feed, the latest headline, or emails that can be answered tomorrow? Sleep.

Sweet dreams!