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The people on these pages put in above-average effort, and as such they got above-average results. To be clear: these are not the results of our average user. Unfortunately our average user purchases a product or service, but does not follow through with using their purchase in the correct way. The people on this page have all completed at least 12 weeks of consistent adherence with our products and services, often much longer, and this is how they achieved their results.

Our average user typically uses our products and services for a much shorter time period, if at all, and so the average user's results with be significantly less than you see here. We truly believe that our products and coaching services are the very best on the market, but success requires commitment and effort. The success you see here isn't easy, but definitely possible and well-worth it. So, if you're willing to put in above-average effort, our products and coaching services can help you achieve above-average results like the people you see on these pages and we'd love the opportunity to help you.

*Your Results May Vary

Eric Lost 26 lbs of fat

HollyL Lost 107 lbs of fat

Jason Lost 40 lbs of fat

John Lost 125 lbs of fat

JonGirl Lost 32 lbs of fat

Katie Lost 23 inches total

Laurie Lost 24 lbs of fat

LeePierre Lost 38 lbs of fat

pwrgrl Lost 37 lbs of fat

MNMAC Lost 45 lbs of fat

MCThompson Lost 80 lbs of fat

Randy Lost 33 lbs of fat

Ryan Lost 40 lbs of fat

Shannon Lost 13 inches total

WendiAH Lost 85 lbs of fat

dez Lost 30 lbs of fat

RH Lost 25 lbs of fat

EsthervdMerwe Lost 34 lbs of fat

JeanneGrrl lost 23lbs

Pattyk lost over 40lbs of fat

kmshmn lost 13.9% bodyfat

jhastie lost 42 lbs

EvaHenriksson lost 45 lbs

eaiu lost 20 pounds of fat

SaraJ5 gained 5 lbs muscle

macmilln over 45 lbs of fat

kristin lost 29.5 inches

SuprGrl lost 90 lbs of fat!

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